Summer will soon be here even before you know it. It’s, therefore, important that you start making plans for your next cruise to a unique destination. New England is one of the destinations that attract travelers from all over the world looking for an extraordinary summer vacation. From the long sandy beaches to tits pretty anchorages, this destination is hard to beat. The New England cruise season usually starts in May and ends in October. Most ships sail in the months of August and September. Here are top four reasons why you should cruise to New England this summer.


The Seafood in New England is like nowhere else

It’s always best when we start with anything to do with food, right? First of all, it’s important you first understand that New England is a destination like no other when it comes to the seafood world. As a matter of fact, it’s the reigning king. You’ll get to eat as much seafood and lobster as your heart and stomach desires. From soft delicious lobster rolls and shucked oysters to mouthwatering clam chowders, you’ll find any seafood you’ve ever wanted to taste.


It’s Exclusive

Most of the Islands in New England have a vibrant nightlife meaning the fun and entertainment starts when the sun goes down. Some of the Islands to visit during summer include Martha’s Vineyard, Newport and Block Island. These locations feature world-class restaurants and musical entertainment which will give you a care-free evening. The point here is that New England has a rich party scene that features celebrities, tycoons, actors and other personalities.


High-life is too easy in New England

Many of New England Islands have amazing beaches which one can access just within a couple of minutes away from the vessel. If you were to ask anyone who has cruised to this destination before, they won’t forget to mention the luxury living here. Whether you’re having dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Martha’s Vineyard, spending some time in a luxury day spa on Cape Cod, or just exploring the glamorous beauty of East Hampton, a yacht charter here is pure luxury living.


The Scenery here is glorious

Travelers flock New England to experience the tranquility and beauty of its scenery. Whether you’re planning to explore the craggy mountains and the rolling sand dunes or you want to have a feel of the crystal clear anchorages and the deep green forest, everything here makes New England a dream destination.


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